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Mattress Cleaning Gympie

At By Lab Carpet & Pest:

We use hot water extraction/ Steam Cleaning when cleaning cots, single, queen, king size mattresses.

Pre Spray mattress with antibacterial agents which neutralise odours

Treatment of any stains as required

Hot water extraction - Hot water detergent solution is used under pressure, dirt, fluid, skin and dust mites are removed.

Deodorising of mattresses.

It is recommended that vacuum clean your mattress on a monthly basis and change your linen fortnightly, minimising/reducing the risk of health problem to occur and reducing the likelihood of dust mites.

You spend about a third of your life on your mattress. When was the last time you had it cleaned?

What if there are dust mites or bed bugs crawling on your skin? This would be terrible! Sleeping for hours being bitten by dust mites.

Mattress Cleaning Gympie - By Lab Carpet & Pest

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