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Advanced Stain Removal and Colour Restoration.

Difference between a spot and a stain?

Spots are marks that are left after liquids are spilt in the carpet, the liquid attracts dirt to the fibre and dark patches appear. These are usually removed during the carpet cleaning process.

Stains are caused from liquid or oil that has a distinct colour or composition that penetrates the carpet fibre which causes a colour change and a change of the PH level in the carpet fibre. These types of stains require specialised stain treatments.

Successful stain removal will depend on the type of stain, carpet fibre type, condition of the carpet, age of the stain and what treatments have already been used to try and remove the stain. We are usually successful in removing 90% of stains, however in some cases it may not be possible to completely remove 100% of the stain, if this does happen we will be able to advise you on the best way to repair the carpet; we may recommend carpet colour repair restoration or patching to remove the stain. This is more cost effective than replacing the whole carpet.

We can compile an independent unbiased report that can be used to settle issues both in and out of court and or insurance claims. This is how we can give you the best advice and service possible.

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